Welcome to my new Food blog

  • Welcome to My New Food Blog

    8th Jul 2019 by

    The beginning This is the first post on my new blog. A blog where I want to cover all things food related. I’m going to look to update on a regular basis and things I want to cover include.. Why I cook What I cook When I cook Food thoughts Food memories Food adventures Coffeeshops… Read more

  • If All Else Fails,There’s Cake

    23rd Feb 2021 by

    It’s my sisters birthday today. I won’t share her age, a gentleman never tells, but let’s just say it’s a landmark one. The sort which in a more normal time would have been marked with hugs, kisses and a big family get together. Instead, she’ll be having a quiet day at home and other than… Read more

  • Cafe conversations

    22nd Feb 2021 by

    I wrote this short piece for a cafe themed writing challenge that Alison Trollop put on her Patreon site. ”How did you come across him?” Cafe conversations, going on around me. “How old was he?” Like a badly tuned radio. “I hope you like cinnamon.” Fragments fluttering by. “I stood on a box.” Cup half… Read more

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