Welcome to my new Food blog

  • Welcome to My New Food Blog

    8th Jul 2019 by

    The beginning This is the first post on my new blog. A blog where I want to cover all things food related. I’m going to look to update on a regular basis and things I want to cover include.. Why I cook What I cook When I cook Food thoughts Food memories Food adventures Coffeeshops… Read more

  • Here’s one I wrote earlier

    23rd Jun 2022 by

    Clearing out a cupboard yesterday I found a long-since forgotten school magazine, dating back to when I spent part of my childhood in Malta. My Dad was a printer by trade and he’d gone out to Malta to help set up a print company. We were there for about four years and he still reminisces… Read more

  • I’m still here

    21st Jun 2022 by

    Up until the turn of the year, which feels such a long time ago now, I was writing regularly. The blog was thriving, words were flowing, and I was enjoying the whole experience. Something I’d prevaricated about for years was turning out to have been a very good idea. I even had the thrill of… Read more

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