Welcome to my new Food blog

  • Welcome to My New Food Blog

    8th Jul 2019 by

    The beginning This is the first post on my new blog. A blog where I want to cover all things food related. I’m going to look to update on a regular basis and things I want to cover include.. Why I cook What I cook When I cook Food thoughts Food memories Food adventures Coffeeshops… Read more

  • I might just have found my new favourite cake

    8th Jul 2020 by

    ‘I might just have found my new favourite cake’ is a blog post title I’ve been toying with for a while. Until now I’ve resisted it on the grounds that I’m always finding new favourites. It might be something I’ve baked myself, it could be something delicious winking at me suggestively on a coffeeshop counter,… Read more

  • Giorgina finally got to feed her son.

    6th Jul 2020 by

    After three months my partner finally got to see her son this weekend. He lives in London and during lockdown all communications have been via phone calls or the occasional zoom session his mother managed to persuade him to join. For a long time those were the only options they had but now that lockdown… Read more

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